ABC Online User Migration Procedure
Below the steps taken when existing user login to the new ABC Online, note that the “Change PIN” step,
will only be shown if the user was having the services to do transactions online.
First of all the user will login with his existing username and password as shown in the below screen.
Terms & Conditions
Once the user login successfully, he will have to agree the terms & conditions of ABC Online.
Change Password
After agreeing the terms & conditions they user will required to change his password, but inputting first
his current password and then the new password the user wish to have.
Security Questions
Part of the new ABC Online, we introduced another security layer which is the security question which
will be used in various situations e.g.: when the user forgets his password, or wishes to change his
Transactional pin number. The user has to select three different type of questions.
Change PIN
If the user previously had transactional functionality, he will be required to change his pin number. First
he will have to answer one of the questions you already set before, and then you will be prompted to
change your pin number.
And this form for changing your pin number.