Q1: What is Virtual Keyboard ?

Virtual Keyboard is a software based keyboard which will be available on the ABC Online login screen. User is required to click on the key buttons on the screen to input the ABC Online Login password, instead of using the physical keyboard attached to the PC.

Q2: Is it mandatory to use the virtual keyboard for entering your password?

No, You can also disable the virtual keyboard and use the normal keyboard.

Q3: Do I need to use the Virtual Keyboard to enter all the details on the login screen?

No, You can also disable the virtual keyboard and use the normal keyboard.

Q4: When should I use the Virtual Keyboard?

The Virtual keyboard should ideally be used at all times, especially when you are logging in from a computer that is not yours OR in a public area like a internet café or public PC.

Q5: How does it work?

As soon as you come onto the ABC Online login page, you can enter your User ID by using the physical keyboard. On moving to the login password tab, will be asked to use the virtual keyboard to enter the same You can enter the login password by clicking on the corresponding images on the screen Alphabets, numbers and special characters are grouped separately for ease of identification/selection If you need to erase a character entered, just click on the "Erase" button to remove the last character clicked . If you need to clear all characters entered, just click on the "Clear" button to remove all the character clicked

Q6: What is the benefit of using a virtual keyboard?

The virtual keyboard offers the state of art security features while using ABC Online It protects the user from malicious Spy ware and Trojan programs designed to capture your key strokes The virtual keyboard reduces risks and makes eBanking login secure and supports a secure online banking experience It ensure the users account information (user id & password) is protected from hackers.

Q7: Is it not secure to use the regular keyboard?

We constantly keep enhancing the security features to make your eBanking experience even safer. The virtual keyboard is one such feature.